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Maipeing Primary School

Northern Cape

This school, located in the Northern Cape in close proximity to historical asbestos mines, is constructed with asbestos bricks and has been earmarked for closure by the education department.

We are working with the authorities to remediate the school, so it is safe for the children. There are 393 pupils in attendance, aged 5 to 12 and many rely on this school for their sole daily meal. The next school is 10km away and there is minimal transport in the area.

Palliative Care Education

Palliative Care Framework

Through our local and international alliances, we are working with local nursing schools and international volunteer nurses to upskill trained nurses, introduce a palliative care framework and influence the curriculum.

Currently, only 17% of South Africans have access to palliative care and 80% of them are state-funded patients.

Palliative Care Library

Quality End of Life Care

There are no rural hospices or day clinics for state-funded patients.

As many of these patients do not have the resources to buy equipment that provides quality end of life care, we will be introducing an equipment library that makes it possible for these patients to access the commodes, walkers, pressure mattresses and other equipment they urgently need to support their palliative care.